Accused of a crime?

As a suspect in a criminal case generally you will be summoned by the criminal court. Our lawyers will assess and review your case rapidly and with expertise. We represent private individuals as well as companies in complex criminal cases.
We examine whether further investigation is necessary, such as the hearing of witnesses and/or experts. For this purpose our lawyers have a network of experts, among which doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, forensic accountants and private investigators.
If it is possible to prevent an appearance before the criminal court by paying a transaction, we are able to arrange this for you. If you are being held in custody, then we will guide that process also. If it is possible to conclude the custody, we will follow the required procedures fast and accurately. 
All cases will be handled with the utmost care by lawyers specialized in criminal law and extradition law.

Why Kaarls Criminal Defense Lawyers?

  • All cases get the required personal attention.
  • Each client has one lawyer as contact person. 
  • That lawyer knows all the ins and outs of your case. 
  • There is always a lawyer available to treat matters of emergency. 
  • There is always a lawyer available to answer your questions.
  • We make clear and distinct agreements concerning the costs of the legal assistance. We use normal hour tariffs which you can also find on this website. In many occasions, people qualify for financed legal assistance. 

At this moment we have four criminal defense and extradition lawyers working for Kaarls Criminal Defense Lawyers. These attorneys are specialized in criminal law. Although many of our cases are treated by the courthouses and Courts of Justice in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we work throughout the Netherlands and abroad. We handle complex cases regarding Interpol Red Notices and Diffusions. Our lawyers can help you in English, French and German. Our office is located on a splendid location in The Hague nearby The World Forum, Europol, most of the embassies in The Hague, the Peace Palace and the International Criminal Court. 

Click here if you want to ask us a question or if you would like to make an appointment. More information about the Dutch court system? Read more on and the brochure If you are suspected of a criminal offence.