International Criminal Investigations

Frequently the Dutch authorities enlist the help of other nations when investigating suspected crimes committed abroad or in The Netherlands. Think about:

  • The Netherlands asking another country to investigate a crime, the (criminal and forensic) investigations will be conducted by the foreign law enforcement agents
  • The Netherlands will send their own law enforcement agents to investigate abroad
  • The Dutch authorities will request a foreign nation to carry out certain actions such as tracing and arresting suspects and fugitives
  • The Netherlands will request a foreign nation for extradition after issuing an international arrest warrant
  • The Dutch authorities will request another country to carry out actions such as freezing and seizing bank accounts
  • Due to an international treaty The Netherlands or another country can be bound to carry out some function

Evidence obtained by foreign law enforcement is often allowed in Dutch courts even if that evidence was obtained by means which are illegal under Dutch law. If you are involved in a multinational criminal investigation you need an experienced defense lawyer, when possible in an early stage of the investigations and proceedings.

Interpol and Europol

The Dutch Prosecutors Office and police may also employ the help of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and Europol. The international organizations Interpol and Europol facilitate cooperation between the police forces of the various countries. More and more there is an international overlap, especially regarding crimes including:

  • cybercrime
  • money laundering
  • corruption
  • fraud
  • financial crime
  • trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting
  • organized crime
  • drug trafficking
  • terrorism
  • war crimes
  • child pornography
  • trafficking in human beings
  • pharmaceutical crime
  • fugitive investigations

We have experience in dealing with Interpol and Europol.

Questions of jurisdiction

Defending an accused involved in an international investigation often raises questions of jurisdiction. Which country, which prosecutor, which court may prosecute and judge the defendant? Offences can be committed in two or more countries. Our criminal defense lawyers are experienced to handle complex jurisdictional issues. Bob Kaarls has significant experience in complex international / multinational criminal investigations and international extradition cases. 

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